Thursday, February 24, 2011

A day in the life of a restaurant intern

brunoise shallots x 1/2 pint
chop garlic x 1/4 pint
brunoise onion 1 1/2 pints
brunoise fennel x 3/4 pint
pick fennel fronds x 1 pint
clean mushrooms (black trumpet, hedgehogs, maitake)
cut lemon wedges x 5 lemons
brunoise preserved lemons
slice/brunoise bacon for beignet x 4#
smash/pit olives x 3 pints
wash greens (escarole, little gems, arugala, spinach, broccolini things - sometimes all kinds but usually just some come in every day)
clip fava greens and wash
clean upland cress and wash
portion risotto x 25 orders
grate fontina and weigh x 1 1/2 #
slice bread/oil x 2 loaves
peel celery root x 5 if they are small, 2 if they are the size of an infant's head
peel sunchokes x 6 quarts
scrub sunchokes x 1 pint
wash/scrub delicata squash x 8
cut endive x 4 quarts
cut escarole into braisable pieces
peel cooked carrots

*This is a full day.  Some of these items are not needed everyday.  Unlisted tasks are cleaning and dealing with extra produce as it comes in, playing tetrus with the refrigerator so it all fits (includes constantly consolidating), extra tasks the other cooks might need help with, and constant clean-up to maintain an organized and clean station.  Most tasks are extra (up to double) on Saturdays.

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irina said...

looks pretty uninspiring... cmon, you're ready to be le cheff! ))